About The Canuk


I am a homeschooling, free spirited Mom to 2 girls E & P and wife to a bearded computer wizard.

I am (as is obvious) a proud Canadian. I love coffee, whiskey, tie dye, good food and making people laugh.

I can be found writing caffeine fueled musings in the early morning with my coffee some days. Other days its the daily grind of dealing with copious amounts of laundry and cloth diapers and dishes that never get done. Basically #momlife.

Oh yeah, I also like…

-Using hashtags ironically.

-Taking more pictures than I will ever print or probably look at of my kids.

-That sweet moment after you finally get all the kids to bed and you don’t HAVE to do anything.

-The company of people who get that almost anything can be funny as long as you laugh.

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