I usually don’t talk about politics too much. I’m not as well versed in this area as some of my friends. I don’t know all the correct terms or statistics. I do know however that when it comes to Canada and the USA we have concerns. We’re aware of who is in office and who…probably shouldn’t be.

Why does Canada even care about US politics?

Why do they care about Trump? It doesn’t affect them!

American friends, it’s time to address the elephant in the room since it won’t stop “Trump-eting”.

Yes, Canadians care about your presidential candidates. Yes, we care that a very angry rich guy with extremely unsettling and ignorant views is actually being supported by some people for the 2016 Presidential Election.

Picture moving into your dream house. Everything is perfect and idyllic. There’s a garden and fairies and little toadstools made of frozen maple syrup. Sometimes a bald eagle flies overhead and we faintly hear its wings whisper “Freeedoooooom” and we know that you, our longtime friend and neighbor, are there.

Then a new neighbor moves next door into the largest and most well-known house on the street. You have hopes that they will be a good neighbor. Thoughts of shared events, interests and the bettering of both families because of this new friendship fill your head.

The u-haul opens and all that changes.

They are loud and obnoxious. They’re bigoted and racist. They’re constantly fighting with anyone who will listen. They’re involved in quarrels with other neighbors that finally come to a head. There are drive-bys and turf wars and the destruction of your perfectly manicured flower beds. You used to share so much with the old neighbor. You were there for each other when help was needed. Our commodities and interests were intermingled. No more. Finally someone lights their house on fire. That fire jumps to your house because of how close and related they are to each other. Without the support we once had with the old neighbors we’re unable to put the fire out and we both burn.

Canada cares because we’re neighbors. We don’t share the leader of our countries but we do share a border and so much more. If you need a cup of sugar (or a couple feet of snow) we’re here. We’re hoping it stays that way.