You Don’t Need To Understand To Be Kind

Understand (1)

Have you ever tried to make sense of something that you have no personal experience with and all you can come up with is “I don’t understand why so and so would do do that. I’ve done it this way for many years and it’s obviously the superior choice.”

Unless this previous statement is about homework or your job or something that pertains to you and yours sometimes we need to let it go.

Its one thing to search for knowledge on a particular subject so that you can be welcoming and respectful of others without the same views or practices as yourself. When we’re ranting and questioning why someone would do something based on the fact that we don’t, however, it can be hurtful.

You don’t need to understand why someone parents differently than you. You just need to assume they’re doing the best for their family cause that’s what parents do.

You do not need to comprehend why other people are of a different religion that yourself. Just know that whatever they believe is their truth and deserves respect instead of ridicule and hate.

You don’t need to understand why someone would be attracted to a different sex than you, or live life as another gender or none at all. You simply can be kind and assume they’re doing it to be happy which is the goal for all of our lives.

The list goes on and on.

Choose kindness, my friends. Above all choose kindness because you never know who is hearing your confusion and misinterpreting it as criticism.


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