To The Mom In The Mirror


I see you looking in the mirror,
searching for your flaws.
You’re tired.
You’re “old”.
Look at that wrinkle!
When did these laugh lines happen?

The mirror can’t tell you how beautiful you are.

It can’t reflect the nights you stayed up with your sick kid.

The thousands of loads of laundry you did so they would have fresh clothes.
(Even though you wore your yoga pants 3 days in a row, I feel you.)

It can’t shine a light on the times you didn’t feel like getting up in the morning but you did it anyways. You knew someday they’ll be a teenager and a lot less eager to spend their mornings with you.

You’ll never see that time you stayed up till 2AM working on a Halloween costume.

Or all the times you shared your last bite of cheesecake with the little one that caught you eating it quietly in the bathroom.

You won’t see all the lessons you taught them about empathy or acceptance.

Nothing will show all the times you sung that annoying theme song of their favorite cartoon just to make them happy.

The mirror will never be able to reflect back all the hugs and kisses you’ve forgotten but your kids will remember as a loving childhood.

All the generosity.
The sacrifice.
The tiredness you’d trade sleep for every.single.time. because it means having your kids here with you.

So next time you look in the mirror just use it to make sure you don’t have lipstick on your teeth or throw up in your hair.

Cause it’s never going to tell you how beautiful you really are.
And you are.


8 thoughts on “To The Mom In The Mirror

  1. ace1028 says:

    Oh, I love this so so much.

    It’s beautiful, truly. Thanks for this reminder. ALthough I’m past the days of baby spit-up everywhere, I can clearly remember each moment. 😉 Or maybe not so clearly, but still – a lot of it sticks with me. Thank you for this.


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