The Unicorn To-Do List

The Unicorn To-Do List

There is a list of things, floating aimlessly in my head, that are just never going to happen. This list of “to-do” is about as mythical as a unicorn in the fact that it seems plausible, possible, but will never exist except in my imagination.  I’d need a fairy god-mother to accomplish all of this and they tell me those are mythical too. So is it not destined to be? Or should I keep on my magical quest to…

Do ALL The Laundry: Every single piece, folded and sorted into each person respective drawer.

Not. Gonna. Happen. By the time I give up for the day there’s still that weird stuff on the bottom of the laundry room floor like Elsa Costumes and baby bathing suits and then there’s the off season stuff that wasn’t as high on the priority list as underwear. Plus if you do get close to that shiny golden last load, your child will then decide to play dress up AND Spaghetti Restaurant at the same time. Boom! You’re back up to 3 loads.

Have the Whole House Clean & Tidy: All rooms, including the Laundry room. (You can see how this is failing already.)

This is probably possible if you do not have children. Or a husband. If you do, than you probably know no matter how clean and tidy it looks to guests, there’s one room upstairs with the door shut that you delegated the “clutter” room soon before every one arrived. You had the best intentions but by the time you got the kitchen cleaned the living room had took on all the new toys the kids found when you cleaned their rooms…and so you just scoop that shit into a laundry basket and hope nobody opens your bedroom door when they go to the bathroom. (Sidenote: Why do we worry about this? Who are we inviting over that snoops behind closed doors? Medicine cabinet maaaybee…but opening doors?)

Finishing My Book: I really want to read this trilogy before the movies become classics.

Yeah.freaking.right. Look, I have 2 kids and I KNOW they reach an age where they are a bit more independent and don’t rely on your for every single thing. For me, 0-2 has never been that age. There is so much crap going on in my head just trying to keep Kid 1 from maiming Kid 2 and Kid 2 from maiming herself (we’ve hit the biting and climbing stages at the same time, how’s that for fun?) that I’m lucky to read a few blog posts over the span of a day. They do finally go to bed but I’m so exhausted from Maim-Watch 2015 that I don’t want to use my brain for anything other than eating something without sharing or watching Netflix on my phone while lying in bed.

Freezer Meals: Life would be so much easier if I could just grab something and throw it in the crockpot every afternoon.

Wouldn’t it though?! This would require the chopping and preparing of many things, bagging it, labeling, and placing them all in the freezer. It all seems easy enough in a Pinterest Pin but I can’t tell you the last time I didn’t forget something at the store. I’d get started and need another ingredient (or 10). Plus the kids would surely need to eat at the exact moment they see/smell I’m making these meals and wouldn’t get that they’re not for today. “Really Mom? You’re cooking food and we can’t have any of it? We’re hungry today, not tomorrow.” So then I’d be making a regular meal along with the freezer meal. Also I’d eat half of everything before it even reached the bag.

So many Unicorns, so little time. What is on your Unicorn To-Do list?


14 thoughts on “The Unicorn To-Do List

  1. sillysammy says:

    this is my life! I have all these unicorns in my house. I have a half dozen knitting projects, scraps for sewing.. A few tins of paint that never made it onto the walls. I dream of a spotless house just for a day but at the moment I’d settle for not trashed. I did the freezer thing when pregnant a few months back and the freezer broke, so never again after all that effort. I find I have to keep going back pages because I’ve forgotten what’s happened…. recently gave up reading Still Alice to watch the movie so I could experience the story sometime this decade!


    • CaffeinatedCanuk says:

      Lol I’m at that point with Divergence but holding strong so far. Not even done the first book and won’t let myself see the movie. I keep telling myself someday it’ll be easier. But I also keep telling myself I want another baby. So I’m prob just crazy!

      Liked by 1 person

      • sillysammy says:

        I left a 6 year gap. We were at the point of lie ins and mostly full nights sleeps! There is a madness to mothers love 😉


  2. sillysammy says:

    we’ve never ever come close to finishing the laundry…. maybe if we just own less clothes or something… but then I’d have to do the laundry sooner


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