To The BCW On His Birthday


It’s the Bearded Computer Wizard’s Birthday!  (Aka my husband person)

So listen up, hubs.

I thought I’d take a minute to tell you Happy Birthday and I hope you have a great day.  I still enjoy spending time with you after multiple birthdays together which blows my mind. The only other person I’ve tolerated this long is my Mother and that’s partly because she will (I’m kidding, Mom. I love you. BFF’s forever and all that.)

I also wanted to let you know the following things will happen/not happen today because its YOUR day.

-I’m sure you noticed you did not have to get up in the night with the baby.

-I will cook all the meals today.

-I will commission my mother to make you that Cappuccino Cheesecake you like so much.

-When you’re eating your dinner I will be the one to get up and get the kids drinks.

-No cleaning for you! I will do the housework today.

-I will give you pre-approved nerdy gifts that I ordered online.

…I just realized something.

It’s your birthday a LOT! Like, a good 360 days a year.

That’s just how special you are I guess!

Seriously though. I am grateful for all you do, and that you have allowed me to choose my role in the family. (Yes, I just thanked my husband for letting me be a SAHM. It’s a choice I wanted, we  made, and he supported so I am appreciative of his work to make that happen.)  I’m proud of how you support women’s choices and know you will help raise awesome girls.  I’m proud of you for shaping your life into something you wanted. It makes me happy that you support my “writing” and make sure I always have the best tools to do so.
There’s nobody else’s crap that I would want to put up with in the WHOLE WORLD. (Except maybe Thor or Khal Drogo or that guy from Mad Max: Fury Road, but I think you’re safe from their competition. Plus that would be like a “Brother Husband” situation cause I STILL couldn’t give you up.)

So Happy Birthday, and try not to exert yourself too much today. Its hard work growing that beard being so awesome.
The girls and I love you!


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