8 Things To Start Doing Once The Kids Move Out

I love being a Mom. It is both the biggest joy and stress in my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. There is however, this whole gaping area after all the “parenting” is done to think about. What will I do with all that time? I guess it’ll go a little something like this:

Have a clean house for more than 2 hours in a row.

Text them embarrassing Drunk-Mom pictures from vacations and pool days while they’re dealing with their own tiny minions.

Take a nice long shower. Alone. Without anyone asking “Are you done yet?”

Acquire one of these signs for when they’re bringing a significant other over to meet the parents for the first time.

Cook something delicious and decadent and not share any of it.


Babysit their children and as a Grandma let them do all the things to which I told them “No” when they were children.

Always have to “stop by” the lingerie stores when we are shopping together to “pick up something for your father”. 

Sleep in till at least 9AM (or until they call and wake me to ask to borrow money).

Yeah, I think I may be okay. One finds ways to amuse ones self when left in the lurch by their offspring. How about you? What will you do when the kids are gone?


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