Feel Good Friday


After another week of depressing news, Kylie Jenner’s lips (she admitted she had fillers? Shocking.) and 274 000 articles about the birth of second Jesus  the royal baby I thought I’d fill your news feed with a quick little “Feel Good Friday”. I mean, you’re probably already feeling pretty great that for the next 2 days you don’t have to wear real pants, listen to your single/ or childless coworkers talk about getting drunk and sleeping in,  or go anywhere after the kids wake you up at the crack of “Oh-Hell-No” so this will just be icing on the sweet weekend cake. Here are some of the things that melted my icy, sarcasm blackened heart.

1. In a touching story and video that went viral on the internet recently, Huggies presented the story of Tatiana. Blind since 17, she was presented a 3D printed image of her babies face by her doctor at an ultrasound. I’ll admit this story had me emotional before I even pressed play on the video. It only got more “My eyes are sweating” from there. This is one to make you grateful for what you have, and aware that no matter what the situation or where we are in the world a mothers love is amazing.  You can catch the whole story and video here.

2. This is a celebrity trend I actually WANT to catch on. Forget the #kyliejennerchallenge (obv I’m a little disgusted by this one this week, lol). I want to see the people stepping up and calling each other out on the #stephancolbertchallenge. Find a large group of worthy people looking for funding and help every single one of them. Or find one person that needs something…anything and help make it happen.  In a “Hero of the Week” moment Stephan Colbert granted the wish of every single teacher in South Carolina asking for funding for projects on  the crowdfunding website donorschoose.org. You can read the whole story here. I have enjoyed him for years for his sarcastic wit and general funny but now?

I love you too, Stephan.

3. 80 year old Rosa Salgado shows us its never too late. Not only did she graduate with honors from a Florida college recently, she did it along side her grandsons. “I’m too tired after last nights bender to go to class” isn’t gonna cut it when your 80 old Grandma with a 3.8 average is banging on your door, textbooks in hand. Read her inspiring story here.

Well that’s it for the warm and fuzzies people. Keep it going and hug someone or call your mom or something. Help someone out this weekend! Teach the kids about the Pay it Forward movement. Have a great weekend!

Hey! If a dog can do it, so can you!


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