Don’t Forget To Love

Your Daily Reminder

The hardest thing about getting older is not grey hair, lack of energy, or feeling like you’re always working towards some distant goal that you never reach. All those things are true at times, hard at times, but the biggest crusher is definitely death.

When we are children and death happens we’re a bit protected by the bubble of innocence that encompasses us until life starts poking holes in it and letting the feelings we’ve been hidden from hit us full force.  As we age in years we also become more mature mentally and realize that mortality is fleeting. Your’s, mine, theirs. Your time with someone can be cut off so fast, so completely that it takes your breath away. Your heart hurts and your brain struggles to understand.

I can’t understand. In the last 5 years I have lost 4 people (as of yesterday) from my family. My Aunt and Uncle in their mid life a mere 3ish years apart. I can’t understand but I have learned some lessons the hard way. Ones we all know in the back of our minds but forget sometimes in the daily grind. So here’s your daily reminder to…

Cherish every moment.

Always say “I Love You”.

Always call them back.

Visit as often as you can.


Tell people what you like about them while they’re still here.

Enjoy your family and friends. Don’t live with death hanging over your head, but with a lot of love in your heart.

In Memory of Uncle G


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