I Have Nothing To Write About (Except This) (Accept That)

I Have Nothing TO

I’m going through a bit of a dry spell creatively. I feel like I have nothing to give unless you want me to “live” blog some old I Love Lucy episodes, make fun of some pins I find on Pinterest, or tell you how disappointing the “good coffee” that I payed extra for was. (Well not highly disappointing, it IS still coffee after all.)

Sometimes I think we try and force our art, writing or whatever it is you do creatively. Search our heads for something that isn’t there when all we really need is a big sleep, a good laugh, and a clean house (for me, I function better when things are not a mess-probably why I’m not usually up to par hahah).

So today I say don’t be creative. Embrace your block. Go do something that inspires you instead of sitting in front of your medium staring at it like it’s gonna make itself. Mix it up.
I’m sure I’ll have something to write about later but for now I’m off to have some semi-good coffee and ponder how my child is playing a flute at 7:44AM and it hasn’t been broken in half yet.


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