There’s A Party On Earth And Everyone’s Invited!

Earth Day 2015

Today is Earth Day 2015, which happens annually to show our support for environmental awareness. I think its also a great day to focus on teaching our children that they can make a difference in the future landscape of the world. Of course we should be leading by example every day, but today is a time to refocus and really commit to change.

I decided to focus on recycling today. I had my 4 year old go around the house and gather up things that may be considered “garbage”. Old coloring pages, an empty milk carton, and other odds and ends. My point was to show her that things that we would usually throw out can still be useful and made into something else. Simple concept for adults, something that has to be learned by children.

Mom Bonus: This activity also ensures you don’t have to pick up as much later!

Almost anything can be made into a bird feeder. The only requirements are that it has a space for food and can hang from a tree. Paper ones may not last long but they’ll give some lil birdie one good meal, at least.

After painting and glitter and birdseed she hung it outside!


As part of the discussion I used this free printable Earth Day Pledge from which you can find here.


Share with us what you’ve done for Earth Day 2015 in the comments! (or what you do year round to make a difference) I believe some of the biggest changes come from many small acts. Its never too late to make a difference.


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