How To Deal With Angry Arse (Yeast Rash) While Cloth Diapering

How To

I’ve been having reoccurring ear and throat issues and have been on 3 rounds of antibiotics in the last few months. (You breastfeeding Moms probably know where I’m going with this.) The antibiotics get rid of the good stuff in your body that keeps the yeast in check causing an overabundance, and sometimes your pass that on to your baby via breastmilk. Thus follows the dreaded yeast rash. Can I just say I hate this rash? Its so stubborn, a layer of zinc ointment doesn’t cut it. Plus cloth diapering can make it harder to get rid of if you’re not washing them properly the whole time.  I thought I’d outline some tips and tricks to help clear it up fast.

Nystatin + Zinc Cream: Nystatin ( a topical anti-fungal) you can ask for at your pharmacy without a prescription (here in Canada anyways). You can also just grab whatever your go to cream for yeast you use on your lady bits off the shelf.  I rub a good layer of the Nystatin all over the red/spotty area and then layer the Zinc cream over that. It keeps the medicine on and the pee away from the rash. It seems especially important if they’re an older baby because solids seem to make their wee a lot more acidic/ammonia-y.

Don’t forget to use a liner with your cloth diapers if you are using NON-cloth friendly ass creams!

Baking Soda Bath: This can help with regular diaper rash or Yeast rash. Make sure not to use if the skin is broken which sometimes happens with yeast rash. Overall it makes the skin feel super smooth so if you keep a box in your bathroom for nothing else but your own baths you’re winning. Here’s a how to link: Baking Soda Baths For Diaper Rashes from

Consider Going Disposable (at least at night): Just till it clears up! I seriously had a hard time with it too but the fact is, those cute cloth diapers need to be washed in hot hot water and vinegar (or your fav detergent) to kill the yeasties living in them every time you wash. Some people only wash in cold water, or only have a cold water option so its easier to use disposables till the rash is cleared up and only strip your diapers the once instead of after every wear while the rash is ongoing. Also, again because of the strong pee, if you’re not changing a diaper in the night anymore its not great to let them sit in a cloth all night. Disposables do have an absorbent gel that wicks away moisture better in my opinion.  

Another option is to use flushable liners until the rash clears up. Make sure the whole diaper is covered to protect it from contamination and never use the same one twice (obv…ew).

If you decide to keep on with the cloth, make sure you strip those diapers every time so you’re not reinfecting. Here’s a handy link from on yeast/cloth in general and also a bit on stripping the diapers to prevent reinfection: How Do I Wash Cloth Diapers After A Yeast/Thrush Infection?

I’m not an expert or anything but that’s what I’ve been doing for this latest round of yeast. I did my rounds on the internet to see what I could find to try for P’s poor red bottom so I thought I’d add mine to the pile. If you have any questions or suggestions or home remedies *I* should try leave me a comment!

Wishing you clear bums and happy babes!


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