It Never Gets Old

We’re always hearing about things that get harder, worse, less enjoyable after we grow up. Throw kids into the mix and we sometimes forget that there is more to be desired in the world than sleep and a nice glass of whiskey. Instead of writing about how adulthood changed me, today I’m going to remind you of some things that never change. It doesn’t matter how old we get or how many kids are currently screaming “MOOOOOMMMM” these things never get tired. We may not react to them with childlike enthusiasm anymore (or maybe you do!) but they’ll make your heart feel good every time.

Having a Friend Over

Those rare friends that completely get your humor and you don’t have to make a big production about them visiting.

The Magical First Snowfall of the Season

The fact that you know it means “Winter is coming” and “I’ll be freezing my ass off soon” doesn’t matter, its always magical the first time.

First Kisses Always Make You Nervous

No matter how old you are, that first kiss with someone new always gives you that slightly sick feeling. (Butterflies is supposed to be a cute way to describe it but a gang of insects in my stomach is a bit disgusting if you ask me.) It’s also a great feeling, though. Sorta like when someone massages a sore muscle and it hurts but feels good at the same time.

Receiving a Present

They say its better to give than receive but the excitement of receiving is pretty fun too.

Giving a Gift

That feeling when you finally hand someone a present after having spent half a day trolling Etsy and Amazon looking for the perfect gift and waiting for it to arrive.

Getting a New or “Old New” Book
Its like the Scholastic Book Fair all over again.

Being Barefoot

There’s a reason toddlers are always pulling off their socks. Foot freedom!

There are probably tonnes more but I have to adult now. (Drink coffee and catch up on The Big Bang Theory) Tell me in the comments one thing you loved as a kid that never changed!


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