The 6 Ways My Child Thanked Me for Her Existence This Week

Just one Timmies to get the creative chaos juices flowing. (She wasn’t supposed to be into this either)

My 4 year old left me some very interesting presents around the house this week to let me know she loves me. Lets round up the most memorable tokens of appreciation shall we?

1) Moisturizing The Bathroom: I found dollops of this smelly lavender Bed Time lotion all over the bathroom. Not all at once however. Go to the toilet, see some on floor. Giving the kids a bath, reach for a towel and there’s some more.  Another time notice a glob on the drawers where we keep deodorant etc.  What ever happened to the day where the mess was at least contained to one surface?

2) Shades of Peanut Butter: She painted the wall with it. A good little swatch of the wall to (I assume) find out how well it would go with her plans for a Raspberry Jelly Couch. Her interior design skills, while questionable at best, are also now not peanut free.

3) Becoming a Nudist: We made the mistake of laughing at her when she rolled around like a gleeful puppy on our blankets in just her undies while I was making the bed. Cue the removal of her clothes every time I make the bed (and one time when she called me to the stairs and she was up there totally nude because she wanted to be “more weird”)

4) Dry Shampooing My Sinuses: My house reeked in certain spots and my allergies were not happy. There may possibly have been hair spray involved as well.

5) Waking up at the crack of “Aw Hell Naw”

6) Eating my chocolate chips and making me wonder if I’m crazy. I’m still not sure if *I* ate them all or she did. I could swear I had more but then I came back to the room and neither she nor chocolate chips were there. Was it all a dream? Chocolate-ception.

So there you have it. What memorable shenanigans have your little darlings gotten into this week?


3 thoughts on “The 6 Ways My Child Thanked Me for Her Existence This Week

  1. anikaerin says:

    Hahaha! I love this list. Well done on her part with the chocolate chips. Only the craftiest of kids know to only eat enough so mom wonders if she’s going crazy 🙂


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