Have You Seen My Milk Bags? (Its not what you think!)

Well the time has come. The time to write the inevitable post about Milk Bags. No this isn’t another breastfeeding post.

I am a Canadian with a lot of American friends and the thing they’re most shocked about is our sacs of milk. Not that we have a premier instead of a president. Not that we have universal healthcare. The biggest question isn’t “Why is the Queen of England on your money?” (which I know can be a bit confusing)

The biggest shock and awe are these.

Yes, that’s right. In Canada our milk comes in BAGS.

Here’s how it goes.

We buy a big bag containing smaller bags of milk.

Then we take a milk bag out.

The Elusive Milk Mother and her Milk Baby

After placing the milk bag in our handy milk sac holder we cut the tip or (in our house) both tips off for milk pouring.

Goooo Mooontreal! (Yeah that Hockey cliche is true)

Now you may ask yourself “Why?!?! Why are they up there putting milk into bags when there are perfectly good containers out here. Well…the best answer is landfills. We got a big beautiful country here and the bags are repetitively small and take up less space than cartons.

So there you have it.

Gasp in wonder at my beautiful milk bags.
If you were here I would let you touch one and feel its milky jiggle.


4 thoughts on “Have You Seen My Milk Bags? (Its not what you think!)

  1. authornicolettebrink says:

    OMG! lol I had no idea. Are you serious!? Like there are no milk cartons plastic or cardboard? What about your Orange Juice? Gotta follow your blog now and see what else I can learn. : )


    • FullyCaffinatedCanuk says:

      There are cartons and jugs but this is the “family size” if you will that’s most popular. We also have juice in teeny single serving bags called mini-sips. Those are not as popular as the milk sacs but a part of childhood lol.


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