10 Things That Make a Canadian Mom Cry

  1. Misplace the milk-bag scissors. Nobody likes mornings (normal people anyway) and giant bags of milk are useless without the corner cut off so you can make everyone a bit more tolerable with coffee.
  2. “New this month on Netflix….” No. New this month on AMERICAN Netflix. We’re up here watching Trailer Park Boys reruns.
  3. The kids are driving you crazy but even you, in your stressed filled desperate mind, can’t justify sending them out to play in -30 C weather.
  4. Just getting the baby down and a herd of snowmobilers pass the house.
  5. Running out of something and having to take the kids and “pop” to the store but having to put 25 layers of clothing on everyone first. (and then someone has to pee)
  6. “This content is not available in your region.”
  7. An extra charge for international shipping from the USA. “We’re right above you! We’re your hat! All I want are these super cute shorts not the access code to the White House front gate!”
  8. All your American friends are posting about their fabulous Thanksgiving dinners and its already been ages since we had ours so all the turkey leftovers are gone.(and we already have our Christmas decorations up!)
  9. When you finally have a sitter in the evening and want to sneak away to Tim Hortons while the kiddies are in bed but you live in a small town and the Timmies isn’t 24 hours.
  10. The kids outgrow the summer clothes family gives you at their baby shower without ever wearing them because there’s at least 6 months of winter beforehand.

Its enough to make a beaver weep.


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