My Friends Live in My Computer (And That’s Ok)

We live in an age where social media is as common as bread and butter. It integrates itself into our conversations in the way that people used to refer to the social section of the newspaper. Its not as new a form of communication as people make it to be. Basically its the same stories that used to be told over tea at your friends table down the street or in long phone-calls on curly-corded phones connected to the wall.

“I saw on Facebook that Sally broke up with Joe.”

“I can’t believe Helen posted that picture on Instagram of her wearing that!”

“Well I saw that Susie shared that article about breastfeeding so I imagine she will.”

A lot of people are starting to become increasingly fed up with the “over-sharing” and “vague-booking” and the ever (un)popular opinions of different groups being spread far and wide via various media outlet articles and over-shared memes.

I’v had my moments. The ones where I’v thought about shutting down my account. I’ve thought about restricting my screen time. I don’t because I need my village.

My village that started when I found Scary Mommy while living in an area where I didn’t have any close friends around. The one that I started sharing things with about my life with a new baby and venting to when something was amiss.  The group that puts up with my swearing (encourages it probably), laughs at my jokes, and always has a virtual hug and words of support when things are wrong. They are the very village that I didn’t have in real life.

From there I’ve added people all over the world to my social media accounts. I get to be part of the lives of my family and friends who’ve moved away.  I get to see glimpses of life around the globe that I wouldn’t normally on a day to day basis. I see babies growing up and couples getting married and even get a package now and then from a generous or thoughtful friend.

The world has changed in many regards and it isn’t broken up into the closed off little communities that it used to be. People are busy, driving longer distances to and from work, taking their kids to activities, living nameless to their shared housemates in apartments and complexes, or even 1000’s of miles away from their families. Gone are the days of socials and drop in visits and “Can I borrow a cup of sugar?”

So I go online. I post my pictures for my friends and family near and far to see. I talk about my life, and funny things that my kid did because sometimes that’s the only adult interaction I will have that day. No matter where I am, or what time it is my friends are just a click away. And that’s all we really want, isn’t it? Someone who is there for us no matter what.


One thought on “My Friends Live in My Computer (And That’s Ok)

  1. Dawn @ Homeschool Crafts says:

    Hi Bohemi-Mum! Thanks for visiting my blog.

    “The life and crimes of a homeschooling stay at home mom”…love the phrase. 🙂

    Yeah, social media has allowed me to stay connected to friends, ex-colleagues and mama bloggers. They’ve kept me sane! 🙂


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