Peanut Butter Is Crunchy, I’m Just Crazy (Getting to Know Me)

I just had baby number 2 earlier this year and I’v come to a realization.
I’m what they call a “Crunchy” mom.
Begrudgingly I own that title. I find no solace in shouting normal behaviors from the rooftops like I’m about to win some kind of award for taking care of my children in a manner I deemed fit.
I quietly breastfeed wherever the hell I want because my child is hungry and I can.
I cloth diaper because it saves money and I’m a stay at home mom so I have a bit of time to do those extra loads of laundry.
I wear my baby because I hate lugging around strollers, she’s heavy and I like going places with a free hand to hang on to my 3 year old.
I choose to home-school for a myriad of reasons, none of which I need to justify to anyone but my family.
I believe that the fastest and easiest way to normalize anything is to DO and make no excuses. Worry about actions more than reactions. There is a power in taking control of our lives and choices that we seem to neglect. We don’t need to make excuses for choosing to formula feed or work or stay home. People will stop asking “Why don’t you do ___” when you start answering “Because I want to.”
My life, my choices, my consequences.
Own it, live it, love it.


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